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London’s Zebra One Gallery has joined forces with bold and provocative artist, Mason Storm to release 50 limited edition prints of his ‘Feed the Hungry’ painting with ALL funds raised going to Cook to Care’s work, feeding those in need.

Enigmatic, mask-wearing artist, Mason Storm was famously rumoured to be Banksy after the technically sophisticated style of Devolved Parliament - which sold for a record £9.9 million at auction – led art critics to question Banksy’s part in its creation and identify striking similarities between the chimps in the masterpiece and monkeys in Storm’s work.

Storm denied this at the time, but the two artists do share a talent for poignant and wry social commentary, like Storm’s ‘Feed the Hungry’ piece, a reworking of a Norman Rockwell vintage classic, but with the rag-wearing, emaciated boys painting graffiti on the wall, which reads: “Hungry.”

Mason explains: “Nobody should go hungry, it’s especially upsetting to me thinking a child could go to bed hungry. No child should have to worry about where their next decent meal is coming from.

“This print drive is for one thing alone: hopefully feeding some hungry people. It’s not about politics or social semantics, it’s about hopefully impacting somebody’s life in a small and positive way.

“I for one cannot think of a more worthy cause to get behind.”

Signed, A3 limited edition prints of the piece can be bought for £150 each from the gallery’s website or alternatively, people can donate to Cook to Care’s Go Fund Me Page.


All money raised will go to Cook to Care, a community initiative with two main objectives – to serve free, nutritious meals to those in need and to inspire hunger for a better future in young people and prison leavers.

Jojo Sureh, the founder of Cook to Care says: “We have all, at some point, been guilty of turning a blind eye or been ignorant of the harsh realities which did not directly affect us.

“Can you imagine being in a position where you feel you need to justify being entitled to have a bare necessity? Regardless of how well we think we have planned for the future, this can happen to any one of us.

“This is the harsh everyday reality for more than 1.2 million people living in food poverty in London and a total of 3 million across the UK.

“We must care, we are all in this together, and even in times of hardship, compassion from others can get us through.”

Zebra One Gallery: / f : @zebraonegallery / t: @zebra1gallery

Link to Buy Print:
Cook to Care website:,uk / Go Fund Me Page: Cook to Care Stats:
-8.4 million people across the UK struggle to afford to eat
- 2.3 million Londoners live below the poverty line.
-1.5 million adults in London are food insecure.
- 400000 children in London cannot access affordable healthy meals.
- 36% of single parents face food poverty.
- 32% of black Londoners face food poverty.

- 50%offamiliesfacingfoodinsecurityarealsofacingsocialisolation.-
- 250,000 tonnes of food that goes to waste is edible, enough for 650 million meals.

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