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Welcome to Purple Heart Parade….where dreams are made and stories are told.

I first saw the band at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester, supporting Sean Lennon. I was captivated by their performance and could understand why he had chosen them to play alongside his band, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (awesome band) My second time was at the Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia and all I can say is WoW and I am not often impressed (no offence) this band has something; raw talent, charisma,  vision, ‘with their feet on the ground, and a place for them to lay their heads on the clouds in the sky. I am a fan.

Check out this interview with lead singer, Peter Cowap.

So before Purple Heart Parade gets inside your head,  and is played on your record players and circulated to the far corners of the universe. Lets spend some quality time with lead singer, Peter Cowap…

Hi Peter,

Hello Fiona

What is your musical background? 

Myself and Steve ( Bass ) were in a band together called Amber Club many moons ago. We were tipped for big things but sadly split due to outside influences. Keith ( Drums ) was in Behind Green Lights, who had a deal with Sony. I’d known him for years as we’re from the same area in Manchester. I’d been trying to get him to drum for me in my musical wilderness years, but he kept blowing me out! Ha. Mike ( Guitar ) joined after interviewing us on his radio show. He has good form also as he was in The 66 and he has his side project- Phoenix Experiment.

What is your version of psychedelic music?
Music made under the influence of drugs. An open mind with wild eyes can be the birth of many beautiful things.

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Who are you listening to?
At the minute I’ve fallen in love with Real Estate. Their Atlas LP has got me hooked big time. I’ve been listening to The Lucid Dreams second LP also. Absolute monster of a record! Young Husband, Neil Young, MBV and Ride get played a fair bit too.

Describe a perfect day?
Driving around in a kitted out Dodge Van to the coast, an endless bag of green, the company of my dream girl and good tunes.

If you could play with anyone? Who would it be?
Ride!!! All day! I’ve been a fan for a long long time! The mad thing is though, Mark Gardener is a fan of PHP too! He helped design our latest t shirts, dreamlike shit! Black Submarine would be ace also. Nick McCabe was in talks with us about playing with us at Liverpool Psych Fest as we were a guitarist down. Sadly it clashed with recording. I would’ve fallen to bits sharing a stage with him, he’s God in my eyes.Primal Scream would be a whopper also.

What and where inspires you?
Heartbreak and rain in Cottonopolis.

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What festivals are you doing this year?
We’ve got Cosmosis Festival in Manchester on 14/3/15. We’ve just landed a dream slot at a pretty big UK Fest at the request of a member of one of my fave bands, sadly we can’t announce it yet :( We’re waiting for full confirmation on a few others, also we’ve been in talks with a couple of Festivals in Europe. Fingers crossed we get on at Liverpool Psych Fest again?I’d been to the first two as a punter which was mind blowing! But opening the Fest last year was a special experience. We had a packed crowd with members of Black Angels, Allah Las, Vacant Lots, Spindrift,Spectrum and Spacemen 3 in attendance. Proper Mint!

What’s the best advice anyone told you?
Good manners cost f### all! Mike Sweeney ( Mancunian Radio Legend ).

What do you love about the other members of the band and what attributes?
Apart from them being an absolute dream machine to play with, they’re all chilled out beautiful souls. They really are the coolest, genuine,loving guys and are a pretty calming influence on me as I can be a crank at times.

Closing statement
Lips so small yet sweet, are they just for me?

For upcoming gigs and more information on the band go to

“Purple Heart Parade” are not the first band this year to show a talent for psych/shoegaze atmospherics, but they’re surely the best at delivering it with stately grace and majesty”

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