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“Surrounded by nature in a peaceful setting, I sculpt in clay, metal and plaster, paint in oil, pastel and watercolour, also creating colourful mosaics. Still life and flowers are an inspiration when creating brightly coloured paintings, but I also like the use of light and shade to emphasize the movement of tall grasses and trees blowing in the wind.

In my paintings of houses and gardens I use strong contrasting colours to bring to life places I have seen, and some I have imagined. I like the challenges different medias provide, especially in the modelling of heads and figures of people and horses. I like to tell a story in my paintings with the use of light, reflection, movement, trees and buildings.” Phyllis Hargreaves


What is your background? When did you first get into art?

My background is Art college at Newcastle on Tyne, then specializing in sculpture at Sunderland college of art and then finally at Liverpool.

What do you love about painting and sculpting? 

I love anything to do with making and taking raw materials from start to finish and trying different media.

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by trees, grasses, figure work, figures in landscapes and buildings and windows.

Tell us about your latest exhibition Reflections of Light? 
The exhibition brings together past work and current work and looking at it altogether, light and shade runs through the it quite strongly.
What do you love about where you live? 
 In two words, The Moors.
Preview on March 5th at 2-4pm at Artsmill, Hebden Bridge.
Exhibition runs from March 8th -26th at Artsmill.

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