Need a promotional film for your business, want a music video, or an artistic interpretation of your work. We have a fantastic in-house team who are here to help and support your vision.


PR is important for any business to have and develop in order to get their message across to their demographic. There is an intelligence and method to any pr campaign, in order for it to be delivered into the right hands and the correct story or information to be presented to the people. This method has been used for centuries and it is the most useful way of controlling what people say about you and your company. Tell us who you are? What you do? and How you do it? Give us a reason to click onto your website, use your services, follow you on Twitter or Facebook.

Good PR informs, promotes, tells us what you are all about as a company…… Gives your company an identity, a message, a reason why you exist in the market place and why we should use you to work with.


Marketing materials are the face of your business, so it is important that they match you and your company. Sending the right message out to customers is important: from branding, business cards, and website design to promotional materials, we have a team of designers and print experts to guide you step by step. Media packs, downloads and pdf’s all help to convey your message out to your clients, keep  it simple and allow others to see exactly what you can achieve for them.


The Factoryline has a list of mentors who specialise in your area of work. Founder, Fiona Pattison works closely with artists to help develop their style and direction in order to grow their creative business.

Before you even begin to decide what you need in terms of pr and marketing, a few business mentoring sessions may be useful to determine what is going right in your company and what isn’t. Once this is known, a clear plan of how to solve any issues is beneficial, before you begin a 6 month pr campaign, or spend a lot money on marketing literature that may send you in the wrong direction for you and your company at that time. Working on all levels of pr, from launching a campaign, to creating social media to develop business concepts. We work closely with you to make sure all the necessary information is being sent to the right people. Good press equals high level of exposure and awareness for your business, which is necessary for success! We help you to have the right tools in place to receive the reaction you need. It’s a process, and a lot of the time – companies don’t have this is place, but we have the resources to help you to achieve this.


We have a vast selection of photographers, offering different styles from fashion, product, lifestyle through to corporate & profile photography. Please contact us for a quote.


Press releases, copy for your brochures and website are a fundamental part of your business. Creating concepts and giving the right information and detail to the press is paramount. We can help you stand out from the crowd and create the copy that will make journalists get excited!


A website that you can update yourself without having to ask? Our in-house team is highly skilled in designing and creating a high quality website, looking at search engine optimization, email marketing, google analytics and social networking. The Factoryline will create a website to suit you and your business, allowing you to be in control and reach your audience in just the right way.


If you need help or guidance with an event you are organising, and want a social media campaign, press or blog updates running alongside this, please get in touch to help build your followers and for visitors to know more about you! We have a variety of different performers to choose from to make your event stand out. Please book in for a consultation and let us know what you would like.


Need new business cards, a logo or a brochure? Want a cover illustrated for your new book?  Want a creative  design for your website, brand or new stationary. We have a team of designers and print experts on hand to help. Email us with your ideas or requirements and we will send you back a quote.


The Factoryline offer e Courses as a service to extend your passion to others. Our director, Fiona Pattison will be helping clients to develop ideas, copy writing, and help to formulate what they would like to do as an e-course. Then you will be given advice on the set up and services you will need, to get your e-course ready to be given to the developer.Then the second half of the journey, will be with e-course developer, Brian Knapp from HumanITy, who will put those elements of the e-course altogether, to make it live to your customers – providing help and advice on how to work and run your e-course successfully.


Podcast and Interview Service from The Factoryline. A podcast is an effective way to tell a story about your business and get it out into the market place. We use pictures and interviews to show how you work as a company or by yourself. This can be used online on your homepage, blog site, or in any of your social networking sites.


More and more companies are using Apps as a method of selling their business, please let us know if you are interested in this service and we will put you in touch with the right consultant. Lewis Evans works with a team of developers, who are highly skilled in the areas of Android and flex. Lewis has 10 years work experience in product, marketing campaigns and the gaming industry.


Organising an advertising campaign needs strategy and precision to focus your budget towards a certain goal for maximum impact. The Factoryline can help with the designing of the adverts, the content and where to drive the campaign: online, in publications and other media sources.