Big Thank You to everyone involved in our first event….. Wow what a line up and What a night! Performances were brilliant and the audience were electric!! Beautiful friendships were formed and LOVE was definitely in the room. We did our first Showcase event to celebrate talent from the creative  town of Hebden Bridge and what a show! If you want to be involved in our international creative directory go to and promote your band, creative talent and skills… :  )


So in no particular order a BIG THANK YOU to poet, John Siddique – you captivated your audience.



Rebecca Roberts – your spontaneity, cheekiness and voice is always a pleasure to listen too. 395_SummerofLove_TradesClub_craigshaw



The Tiny Minds  - You just get better and better! 210_SummerofLove_TradesClub_craigshaw 352_SummerofLove_TradesClub_craigshaw 226_SummerofLove_TradesClub_craigshaw


Terry Logan – ‘I just want to SING’ and girlfriend YOU DID! your band members were true troubadours! _D8Q5504-Edit _D8Q5464 Summer Of Love 12


Tales of Two Counties – You Rock!!! The audience loved you! _D8Q5988 _D8Q6070_D8Q6202 _D8Q5734


Grand Northern Ukulele Festival - Bring on September , if your performance is anything to go by it will be OUTSTANDING! Grand Northern Ukulele Festival is on at Huddersfield Town Hall on September  13 -14th Screenshot 2014-07-27 20.21.12 Screenshot 2014-07-27 20.17.47 Summer Of Love 27


DJ Red Helen  - You stormed it with your slick tunes and 60′s vibe. Love You! 1366_SummerofLove_TradesClub_craigshaw


Talya Baldwin  - your art work brought new life to the trades…

Screenshot 2014-07-27 20.14.13


Thank you to Steph Bond for being amazing!!!

Screenshot 2014-07-27 20.13.56


Thank You to  Craig Shaw (Blu Photography) for bringing the memories to life

. Screenshot 2014-07-27 23.03.24


Thank you to Tom Foster who has been a great friend, and created the wonderful ‘Summer of love’ Poster.


Big Thank You to The Factoryline Team, Luke Downing – Film , Rob Sworn –  Sound, Steph Bond – Everything, Jenny Quinsberg – Merchandise , Talya Baldwin  - Art, Maya Grimes – ideas, Ffion Atkinson – design, Web  - Brian Knapp and new addition Tom Foster – design.  Thank You! It was amazing! I am still on a high! ‘Happy Summer of Love Everyone!!’


(C) The Factoryline

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