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We are half way through our tiny tour, having just gigged with the charismatic Pigeon Detectives and the energetic Franklin, both of which set the audience off in the bouncing up and down mode, sweat pouring and beaming smiles. Always nice to see at a safe distance. The Tiny Minds played at The Leadmill, and what a lovely venue it is, 900 people in the audience and the guys stormed it. Thank You to Gunnar from Konzert Magazine for these kind words…

“As soon as The Tiny Minds started playing, it became clear that they were loving the occasion, which clearly translated into their distinctive brit-rock sound.Their zestful and well-rehearsed songs quickly got the first people dancing and a very appreciative crowd soon took them into their hearts. Ending on a psychedelic disco funk tune sung in high falsetto, The Tiny Minds clearly embodied their passion for excellent music and were a perfect choice to set the positive mood in The Leadmill. Source from Konzert Magazine



Then onto The Sugarmill, Stoke which was an experience, I made friends with the bouncers across the road when I couldn’t actually extract the band from the club in the early hours, as they were having too much fun. Great venue of the sticky, dark and friendly kind (my favourite) with a very nice upstairs/outside bar. Staff were great and the night flew by. The Tiny Minds and Franklin warmed up the crowd ready for the big explosion from the Pigeon Detectives, once in you could not move as it was packed.



Another review of the evening by Rebel Culture here..

First to step onto the stage of The Sugarmill was The Tiny Minds, opening the bill with a persona that was far from what their name would suggest. I like to watch bands that make you ask questions to yourself, this time my question was ‘why is the frontman (Duncan Foster) wearing a winter hat alongside a summer vest and sunglasses?’ but it was funky and got him noticed, so it worked. The band looked and sounded as though they had just stepped off the Madchester scene, despite being from Hebden Bridge. Their confidence and attitude kicked off what was already looking to be a great night as more and more people arrived.”  Source from Rebel Culture

Here are some Madchester highlights….. Next up was  Gorilla which is another great space, venue, restaurant, nice staff, good music, what more could you want. This was a great northern gig and much of the same… sweat, bounce, energy, smiles and great music.  Thank You to Pigeon Detective, Dance to the Radio, Franklin see you in another venue sometime soon.  :  )

Here are some highlights so far from the talented Craig at Blu Planet Photography Links to Pigeon Detectives, Franklin and The Tiny Minds here




Next on the tiny tour The Tiny Minds are  launching their single ‘Jealous Sea’ on an EP of new music with bands FLING​, LAMIA uk​ and Dead Naked Hippies​ ​with Dance to the Radio. ​Then  their Headline Gig at Golden Lion Todmorden​ on April 14th with Creedy. Lots of amazing bands are playing  ‘Live at Live at Leeds Festival 2017′ including The Tiny Minds, Jagwar Ma, Rag n Bone Man, The Pigeon Detectives plus many more​ on April 29th, The Gundog, Halifax on the 5th of May and Festival 23 on 20th of May, Golden Lion, Todmorden.

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