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Sturnidae is a group of Artists, David Ashby, Carine Brosse, Jacquie Denby,

Chris Murray, Tony Stephenson & Philippa Troutman.




“We are a group of six artists from North Yorkshire. We have worked and exhibited together for a number of years. The last five of which one of our venues has been at Machpelah in Hebden Bridge as part of Open Studios. In 2016 we staged a collaborative and multi disciplinary show using disposable and recyclable materials. A very productive and challenging experience for all the artists involved. We are a multi media group of painters, collagists, sculptors and printmakers .




Chris Murray states:

“A sense of being I need to make real in paint, the forms are always a discovery from a position of ‘I do not know’. As a way of stimulating and challenging my practice I work with a group of artists who take time to meet and work together. We periodically meet to chose a working title; more a marker for the journey we are making. The current marker is ‘Sturnidae’. I have exhibited my paintings and prints in venues, exhibitions including: Terrace Gallery, Harewood House; Dean Clough, Halifax; The Affordable Art Fair, London and at Castor and Pollux, Brighton. I had my first solo show at House Gallery, Camberwell, London. In 2014 I was an exhibitor at Brighton Art Fair And was voted ‘Artists Artist’ at Artfest North Kendal 2016 My work is currently on show at ‘Gavagan Art’, Town Hall, Settle.”



As a group, David States “Working as a group helps us to stay connected and inspired, it is all part of the creative process, meeting up, sharing ideas over food and drink, and allowing the creativity to flow naturally”



Carine Brosse says “We keep one another updated on the things that we are doing throughout the process, we send one another books and boxes of things to one another.”



We all live quite rurally so it is a good way to make sure we are not so isolated. We are all dedicated to our art and our practise.”  says Philippa Troutman



The title of the piece Sturnidae  is a reference to  Starlings that are a  small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family, Tony shares. “It is kind of creating mental space by working together we achieve a freedom to our work.” Chris

For more information please go and visit the exhibition, Sturnidae at Artsmill, Hebden Bridge on till May 27th. 11am – 4pm




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