Luke Downing is definitely the ‘one to watch’ as he has a magical disposition behind the camera… As a Writer and Filmmaker, he is sensitive to the needs of others and the environment were he creates. Find out more about our head of Film here at The Factoryline.
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What is your background? Where did you train? 
I studied Film and Television Production at York St John and then went on to write and direct my first non-student short, ‘Your Star’ after graduating with a 1st.
What is the best advice someone gave you? 
I recieved a letter once from the Location Manager of films such as Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean. He signed off by saying, ‘never give up as you chip away at your career.’
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When did you know you wanted to be a film maker and writer? 
I’ve always had an interest in storytelling, writing came first. I remember enjoying creative writing lessons in Primary School. Filmmaking started on holiday’s with my grandparents, I’d always ask to use my Granddads video camera and loved making daft little films with it.
What has been your favourite creative project so far? 
My favourite creative project so far has to be ‘Your Star’, simply because it was my first outiside of education and I put absolutely everything into it at the time. It’s now being adapted into a childrens book which is exciting.

Your Star from Luke Downing on Vimeo.

What are you writing at the moment?

I’m currently working on my next short film. It’s a bit of an anti-love story. Once I’ve got a final draft locked down we should start shooting late summer.

You are use to being behind the camera, would you like to be a performer? 
I’m behind the camera/ my pen for a reason! I have qualifications in performing arts but I’m definitely no actor.
What is in your essential in your  artist’s work kit for a Filmmaker? 
My notepad
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And Writer? 
The same!
How do you go about casting?
It varies from project to project. I’ve found though as my network grows, I quite often already have people in mind when I’m writing something.
What has been your favourite location so far? 

Filming by a waterfall in Italy. That was a great shoot!

Luke Downing Showreel 2014 from Luke Downing on Vimeo.

To find out more about Luke Downing follow this link 

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