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The great thing about my job is that I get to meet some talented creative people along the way. I saw Antony’s work on twitter and thought ‘I would like to work with him’ so we did and he created a lovely poster to advertise The Factoryline. Below is a recent interview on the talented designer and his creative talents. Fiona Love 

Screenshot 2015-05-08 10.58.00

What is your background?

My background is Ideas / Concepts for Advertising campaigns / Graphic Design / Branding / Poster Design / Illustration / Hand rendered typography / Music production for film and songs / Sound Design / Motion Graphics – and I am just getting into working with 3D applications at the moment.

Abstract Minimal 3d Render on a tote bag

What kind of design inspires you? 

I am very much inspired by ideas / concepts, for me this is what creates value and meaning for people; it has to look beautiful and well presented too, but it’s the idea of what the design communicates that inspires me.

Dyslexia Action Ad Campaign

What is your favourite piece of art?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite piece of art – I like different things for different reasons, however, my favorite art movement has to be the Dadaism movement because it opposed all the norms of the bourgeois culture and ultimately communicated this to the people through various media.

Poster Advertising a Bands new release

Describe your style? 

I have a mix of styles; I switch from using all digital processes, to hand made elements, it all depends on what the client needs for their brand and what they are wanting to communicate.

After graduating what type of work are you wanting to get in to?

I would consider myself a multi disciplined designer… I just love working on cool projects, and aim to create great work with value.

See Antony Gibson’s profile on The Factoryline




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