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Artist Statement ‘Boundaries are blurred between my mind, the nature of this world and the ridiculous things that occur on this planet. I always have shifting thoughts on the connection between intense memories, the exterior world and my place in it. I develop work from the roots of my thinking, I am then addicted to the process and the process then runs with my gut.

I demonstrate the reactivation and continuation of traditions but also I find it hard to ignore the outside world that now soaks through to my everyday.


I present art in a range of media- sculpture, painting video and drawing. I make sculpture from everyday found objects from tree stumps to stockings, pressure clocks, blankets, kitchen utensils, with the use of expanding foam.

The candy coloured blobby object appearances of many of my works belies the subject matter they address, the idea of transgression and the element of the grotesque, I use this as a starting point as I don’t usually have a fixed idea how it will turn out, I go with the feeling.  I make constant reference to the human body, questioning myself and my surroundings exposing  the hideous but my main interest lies in the making and of the building of an object to provide a paradoxical offering.


Describe an average day in your world? 

I walk 3 miles before work with my little Montee dog to get juices flowing, then pop on my paint suit at the studio at higherford mill and see what needs to be done. Some days I’m painting some days I carry on with the sculpture and I’ll stay there until I feel my eyes have seen enough.

What materials do you use? name five things you couldn’t live without? 

I paint in oils, for my sculpture I’ll use anything I can get my hands on, my eyes are always open to find new things from clocks to junk, old chairs and I’ll fix it all together with ex foam. I wouldn’t cope without paint, trifle, green tea, my roller skates and coffee.


Tell us about your latest exhibition?

Cellotape is about my world, everything in it all stuck together. The nature of it and the ridiculous things that occur on this planet. The work is developed from the roots of my thinking and my main interest lies in the making and building of an object to provide an offering for all to ponder.

Why is Artsmill a perfect place for you to showcase your work?

It’s a great place with a super size gallery, I’ve always loved the place and the people in there.

Preview is on Sunday 30th of April at 2pm – 4pm at ‘The David Wright Gallery’ at Artsmill in Hebden Bridge


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