“I caught up with my good friend and colleague, the wonderful Terry Logan who I have had the pleasure to know and work with. Here is a brief history of how our paths crossed and how we went on a little journey together with me and The Factoryline team. : )” Fiona Love

The Factoryline began working with Terry Logan in 2014 for Live at the Barn and produced their first music video for Vision, this video has been used many times for promotional purposes and has gained a positive effect for the artist. From there The Factoryline created an evening of new music at their ‘Summer of Love’ Event at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club, which featured Terry within all the publicity including press and radio. Terry then had a series of mentoring sessions with founder Fiona Love, as she talked through what she wanted for her solo career.  The Factoryline placed Terry on a number of events the first being the Alternative Christmas Concert at Hope Baptist Church.

 ‘The Night of the Troubadours’ evening was created for the Hebden Folk Roots Festival were the famous ‘Chris Helme’ headlined and this became the perfect launch for Terry as a solo artist, accompanied with the talented Chris Manley. Lots of publicity was created and it was a sell out show, Fiona got Terry a slot on BBC Radio Leeds that had 9,378 views. This has been a great stepping stone for the new artist and now she is on her journey and about to go into the studio. 

Tell us about your background and when you first started your interest in music?

I’ve always had an interest in music as there has always been a presence of it in my family home. I guess the first time I understood the profound effect that it had on me was when I got a piano for Christmas when I was aged 11. I would come home from school and play for hours, teaching myself popular songs and sometimes classical pieces. I understood then that you could lose yourself in a world of expression and still think that’s one of the best things about music. I only started to take my singing seriously when I was 17 and I bought India Arie’s album. I sang along to it so much that she actually taught me how to sing, lol.

Who are you inspired by in life?

There are so many musicians that inspire me, India Arie being one, Bill Withers, Carol King to name but a few. What also really inspires me are the experiences that I have from day to day. It can be something as profound as having a meaningful moment whilst traveling or finding some unexpected peace in the middle of a hectic day. Really, it’s about feeling fully connected with things.



Has working with different people helped your musical style?

The best thing that has developed my musical ability and style has been having the great fortune to work with some exceptional musicians and being supported in an abundantly creative environment. I have learnt so much from the people that I’ve been in bands with to those that I might have shared a few songs in a jamming session with. Hebden Bridge has such a wealth of talent that I defy anyone not to be inspired and grow whilst being here. It has been the perfect place for me to find out who I really am. I also feel very blessed to be working with Chris Manley who plays the guitar along with myself on my new tracks. He is one of the best musicians I have had the pleasure to play with. His skills on the guitar are insanely good and his intuitive style really fits well with mine.

How would you describe your musical style?

It’s always a bit difficult to describe my style of music because it comes from so many different sources. I guess the best I can say is that it gives a nod to soul, blues and reggae but with a slight twist. I like to call it funky folk because the lyrics tell a story and have great meaning but you also want to dance to it too, lol. Xxx

Terry Logan Music

image by Lucy Cartwright Photography

What gigs or festivals have you got lined up?

Currently, I’m really looking forward to a jam-packed schedule with a string of well-respected festival gigs this summer where I’ll be sharing and promoting my new EP due to be released later this year. I’ll also be completing the recording for this in the spring time.

Find out more about Terry Logan here:

*If you are interested in being represented or want to book a mentoring session please contact Fiona@thefactoryline.com*




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