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Interview with the talented musician, Ellie Ford who is playing a Double Bill with Birds and Beasts at Green Note on Thursday 23rd of January. Not to be missed.
What is your musical background?
I’m a self taught musician in every way. I have no formal instrument training, but I was encouraged as a child and young person. I had classical singing lessons for a short time, although I was never interested in that style of singing for myself, I wanted to know how to access the amazing range and freedom i’d heard in classical music.
When did you start to learn the harp and was this your first musical instrument? 
The first instrument I really learnt was piano, then I played around a few others for a while…flute, drums, guitar, before I eventually found my match with the harp, which I’ve been playing for 10 years now. I keep up playing guitar and also love the piano. But harp is mainly where it’s at for me these days! And of course singing, I’d say my voice is my main instrument.
Who and what are you inspired by?
Thoughts, emotions, the people I know or have known, dreams.
Describe your creative process when creating a piece of music?
Usually I’ll find a key, scale or chord pattern that sounds good to me, and then i’ll build it from there, adding melody, harmony and finally lyrics.
211C4610-D17F-4C39-B61B-2BF3674DDD2CWhat are you looking forward to the most , playing on the legendary stage at Green Note, Camden.
I’m interested in how live music performance fits into our society. I like the small pubs & clubs gig scene, people still come and sit down and open themselves to an experience. I like to be a part of that.
What other good news have you got to share with us?
 I’m working on my third album!

Come and see Ellie Ford and Birds & Beasts  at the Green Note, Camden, London on Thursday 23rd of January 2020

Tickets are available here https://www.greennote.co.uk/production/ellie-ford-birds-beasts/

Doors open at 7pm 

Venue: Green Note, 

106 Parkway,  London


Double Bill = listen to their music before the gig.

Ellie Ford https://www.elliefordmusic.co.uk

Birds and Beasts https://www.birdsandbeasts.net


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