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Dan Sealey is a music man, growing up he had music all around him in his family home. He travelled the world with Ocean Colour Scene and now he is back to his roots singing about the world around him. Find out more here….

What is your musical background? /history and how has it shaped your life?

I grew up in a musical house,  music was part of my childhood. My Dad performed on the folk circuit. We often had folk musicians staying at our house so there was often a bit of late night jamming going on.
We had a big vinyl collection and I used to spend hours going through the mainly folk, blues and sixties rock n roll.


What is your favourite instrument to play? 

I’ve always loved the guitar but like a bit of piano and who doesn’t love the kazoo

Who do you connect to musically? Who/What inspires you?

George Harrison has been a big source of inspiration to me, partly because of his music but mainly because of his approach to life and and his expression of that through music. His quest for enlightenment inspired me to look deeper within myself to search for meaning and inspiration. It was this that lead me to what I’m doing today with Merrymaker

Has your Dad influenced your music? 

 My Dad shaped my musical taste and knowledge and understanding of how music works.
 I’m immensely proud of what he has achieved in music. The Musical style that he became well known forth its comic element often finds its way into my songwriting style

What happened in the first lockdown? And what have you got planned for this second one? 

During the first lockdown I worked hard at reinventing myself as a solo artist, re-modelling my sound and writing new material.
Lockdown 2 , I will be mostly recording new stuff and slurping Malbs ida thought.

What musical projects have you been working on?

 As Merrymaker I am always looking at current events and picking out stories to make music out of. My main objective is to try and highlight the lesson learnt from each subject I choose to write about and to leave behind something positive, justify my chance and the skills I’ve been given.


Go to to find out more.

The wonderful Merrymaker – Dan Sealey is playing tonight in a double bill special with the talented Birds and Beasts  Starts at 8pm on their Facebook page



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