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E5E24136-15E4-444A-AC91-3D77FE204DA4Interview with Jason Foster who talks about his latest exhibition, Immersion 2 previewing a the Gallery Lounge at Artsmill on Saturday 13th at 12pm

Jason Foster is from Birmingham and has lived around the UK and is based in West Yorkshire. He studied BA Hons in Film & Cinematography at University of Portsmouth
General Art and Design Diploma at Colchester School of Art and Design. Jason has an exhibition called Immersion 2 showing at the Gallery Lounge in Artsmill, Hebden Bridge. Fiona Love caught up with Jason to talk about his latest show.


Tell us about your exhibition, Immersion 2?

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback Immersion 2 follows hot on the heels of the very successful and well received Immersion 1. Audiences literally couldn’t quite believe their eyes as many experienced Virtual Reality for the first time. 
The wonder of the viewer transcends age, gender, race, religious affiliation and cultural and social boundaries. This exhibition plugs you into something very primeval. The amazement of travelling without moving. Utterly transforming the whole gallery experience.


Describe your process?

The process or rather combination of processes is all important. 
Skills that were learnt in the photographic field are now applied to the world of art. 
High quality 360 photography requires patience, skill, determination and practice. 
With this new creative ‘tool in the box’ I saw the opportunity to break new ground and push the emerging technology even further. Enabling the audience to become completely surrounded by sketches and paintings.

Who or what inspires your work?

My main source of inspiration is the beauty of the local countryside in the Calder Valley area. This I have tried to capture and share. 
I am also inspired by a large and varied spectrum of artists from many creative genres. Renaissance masters (Michelangelo, Raphael) to cubism (Picasso, Braque), the Impressionists (Van Gogh, Renoir), Surrealists (Rene Magritte and Dali), sculptors (Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Alexander Calder). Also including popular culture such as Keith Haring, our very own David Hockney and Roger Hargreaves, also Lenard Choen, David Bowie and Tom Waits. From the world of science I draw upon work by Steven Hawkins, Roger Penrose and Leonard Suskin. Closer to home I am very much inspired by the 360 work of pioneer Joby Cato.


What do you need to create the work that you do? 
What is in your creative tool kit?

The technology involved ranges from a pencil to cutting edge 360 software. 
A Canon EOS camera, a special panoramic tripod head, 360 photographic stitching software, paper, pencil, graphite, canvas and paints.



Pam Shaw
“Amazing photography, everyone should see it”

Andrea Liquorish
“Thank you Jason Foster your immersion exhibition is amazing you feel like you are part of the picture.”

Kerry Jane Stuart
“I love your photographs anyway, Jason but seeing seeing them immersed style was brilliant and makes all those stunning locations accessible to everyone. Thanks for showing us your phenomenal collection.”

Brian Kinlan
“Wow wow wow!!! What an amazing experience. Everyone needs to see and immerse themselves in the wonderful images Jason has taken for his exhibition. You actually feel like you’ve been transported into the image itself. I cannot believe the sense of scale and the involvement you feel while utilising the VR goggle tech alongside photographic images. You feel vertigo, a sense of awe and scale with no restriction. Thoughts linger long after the whole experience. A massive well done on achieving something totally different to our sensory perception. Just BRILLIANT!!!!!!”

Alex Taylor
“Called round today fabulous exhibition I must say Jason Foster. I loved using the viewing glasses which was first for me and they work so well
Top marks!”

Jason Foster
Immersion 2
Gallery Lounge
Linden Road,
Hebden Bridge.

Preview = Saturday 13th of January
Time = 12pm


Show is on till Feb 4th

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