I am happy to put up this post…. It has taken some time getting it up here on the blog.  (Sorry Stewart – who has been patiently waiting in the background) Many writers can understand this…. and editors our need for perfection, even though this doesn’t exist and editing out information when everything is valid! My podcast interview with Writer, Stewart Tunicliff went on for 40 mins and I needed to edit it down to around 15 – 17 min mark – deciding my only answer was to do more podcasts with Stewart (our new Sparing writing partner). So ‘win win’ all round…..Eventually  : ) Leipzig Writers and The Factoryline are connecting and working together for ours and your benefit. Leipzig writers will be on site to help with your writing needs and as The Factoryline are going in to publishing this is going to be very useful. Stewart is one of our team experts and mentors, so I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce you all to him and what he does. So over to Stewart in his own words written below and on our podcast interview. Enjoy Fiona Love  : )  1655780_10151912285231020_479938790_o


‘Our humble beginnings were at a reading for Leipzig Liest www.leipzig-liest.de  a kind of fringe festival for the Leipzig Buchmesse (Book Fair). The well attended event at Noch besser Leben www.nochbesserleben.com brought together like minds to hatch a plan that became Leipzig Writers e.V. Our NPO has done Buchmesse events ever since, puts on regular Open Mic events http://www.leipzig-writers.de/gallery-events/open-mic , & literary concerts, as well as workshops. As an eclectic mix of artists we support each other & any inspiring writers & performers in the local area, likewise with satellite projects where ever the literary stratosphere takes us. Upcoming events “Limecity “for Lit. Herbst (Literary Autumn festival) http://www.leipziger-literarischer-herbst.de/ on the 7 Oct. This year in the ink well are more projects with teens & kids. And for 2015 to 2016 the launch of Create 5, a glocal bridging social arts project working with immigrants, refugees & more artists from abroad. Keep updated by checking us out on facebook, & at our website. www.leipzig-writers.de

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