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 Meet Artist, Brodie Doyle who got kicked out of art class for painting on walls, made posters and flyers for raves, and found the many joys of doodling and corrupting photocopiers. Brodie is exhibiting at Nelson’s Wine bar in Hebden Bridge till October.  



What is your background ?
I got kicked out of art class for painting on walls, made posters and flyers for raves, found the many joys of doodling and corrupting photocopiers.  After figuring out how to make these things work with a computer I started designing for the music industry. During this time I put together an arts event and loose creative collective that ran around the U.K and Europe doing good things with ink and paint.
What do you love about what you do?
That view over the edge that you get at 5am after trying to get the same line right for 3 hours.
What mediums do you work in?
Ink, Spraypaint, Acrylic, Watercolour, Tears. 
Describe you process?
Wake up. Panic. Try to re-assemble the fractured ideas that kept me up all night. Throw ink around. Stain things. Take an hour or so to convince myself that this is what I am supposed to be doing.
How do you decide on your exhibition subject matter?
For this show the subject developed with everything that I was experiencing and was brought to me over the last few months.
What is your latest exhibition about?
Part of it is about starting again, from zero, so I returned where I began creating – Graffiti.
Part of it is about dealing with anxiety and depression. The world is losing a lot 
of good people to these two evils. I believe we should be doing a lot more to stop this happening. Talking about it works. So I have made some pieces that say “your not on your own”, in the hope that it will start a chat.
How long is it on for?
Until 1st October.
What else is happening in your world? Other projects?
Im working on the next show that opens in December. Finishing a book, designing for
a record shop and a couple of labels. Fixing my spectacles. 
If money was no object what would you create?
A world without money. 
Website -
Exhibition  -  Page Zero
Nelson’s Wine Bar
Hebden Bridge
till October 1st 2016  

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