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“My beautiful friend and photographer past away on the 13th March last year, he was the first man to shoot the rolling stones in 63. He is and always will be one of the reasons I love doing what I do here at Zebra One Gallery. He was a joy to work and I am sure he is taking photos wherever he is in the universe.” Gabrielle du Ploy.


Philip Townsend’s entire photographic career covered the most extraordinary of decades, when London was one of the most remarkable cities. Starting to capture precious moments via his camera in 1958 and throughout the 1960’s he was there to record all the prime people of that time. But by 1970, he abandoned his camera and pictures. Coming back across his photographs a few years ago, it was like finding a time capsule that brought life back to his picturesque era. This rescued work is now sought after by magazines and newspapers throughout the world, by galleries like the National Portrait Gallery, and by collectors.The reason is simple; Philip Townsend’s pictures capture the Sixties.


He uses his own inspiration to capture appealing shots with his camera, although it was mainly what he wanted to take photos of at that present time. His photography has proved a huge success world wide with over 35 solo exhibitions, plus another 12 coming up this year. He believes his work is popular due to him being the first to photograph The Rolling Stones, and hopes that his work will continue to live on past him.

While other photographers took portraits, often narrowly cropped, Townsend on impulse widened his frames to include backgrounds and landscapes to take in the pure feeling of that period. They are primarily un-posed pictures, if people posed too much he would stop them before snapping the picture. Prime examples are his first photographs taken of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles which capture the essence of the moment in time entirely.


Zebra One Gallery, Art dealers & Framers in Hampstead, London, run by Gabrielle du Plooy. Zebra Gallery has been established for over forty years working in modern masters and recently in the world of photography and is fast becoming one of the leading galleries in North London. Exhibitions in their portfolio include from some of the top photographers in the world; Gerard Mankovitz, Helmut Newton, Bob Carlos Clarke, Man Ray and Philip Townsend of course! Zebra Gallery is the home of bohemian lifestyle, celebrating the utopia of style that is shown in the Great Photographers their represents.

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