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There are many different ways to promote yourselves and your business using different mediums from photography, words, podcast interviews, press, and film. When trying to reach your audience it is important to know what you are saying and how you are saying it.

The first example of film is showing artist Kate Lycett in her natural habitat and how her surroundings help her to paint the local landscape. Kate is telling her own story here and as you can see from the views it has had already it is a good method.

Helaina Sharpley took a different direction and want to create an impact for her business by being a little bit quirky to launch her website…

Helaina Sharpley from Happy 4 PR on Vimeo.

Then on a broader scale BUG jewellery wanted a fairytale story and this is what was created.

La La Land from The Factoryline on Vimeo.


Every Client is different and has a different idea about what they want to say? What do you want your first film to be?

Please contact Fiona@thefactoryline.com and book in a consultation.

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