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Hang Massive is Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson who have been playing together since the summer of 2010  and have performed and captivated audiences all over the world.  Logging over 5 million views on youtube,  they have an amazing new live album and loads of exiting new projects on the go, Hang Massive have established themselves as the worlds leading hang duo and promise to deliver many original and unique works in the future. The Factoryline decided to find out more about this talented group of inspirational musicians.

Hang Massive 1

Can you tell us about your beautiful instrument ? and the history behind it?

The hang was conceived and made in Switzerland at the end of the nineties and the first instruments were sold in 2001. The makers were pioneers of steel drum manufacture over 20 years and that led them onto the making of the Hang.

To you all – I love your philosophy of sharing music, have you always had this attitude? And where has it come from?

This attitude is something that we have grown into over the past years. We are very involved with the Balanced View training and through this one finds skillful means to contribute ones strengths, gifts, talents and attitudes with the world. When financial gain is not prioritized, yet fully honoured, many amazing things are possible. We believe the more people that can enjoy our music the better, regardless of people being able to contribute financially.

How long have you been playing for?

Danny – around 7 years
Markus – around 4 years

Danny you met Markus in 2010, how do you work together when writing music? And would you describe it as kinetic music? as you both seem very connected to the instrument as well as one another? Is this important when playing and creating?

We met in 2010 in Goa, watching Labarynth with David Bowie!! All of our music has come about in an effortless mannor. We never attempt to “ make “ music. Through playing and living together it all arises very spontaneously.

Hang Massive 2

 You play all over the world, what kind of reception do you receive from people? And what has been your favourite location so far?

We pretty much always receive a good reception and we have really played in a lot of places from the streets to concert halls. We have a very unique and interesting sound that many have not heard before and that coupled with the vibe touches many many people.

Where are you based when you aren’t travelling?

Goa in India is where we are based for half of the year. We don’t travel so much when we are there.

What gig dates have you got lined up in the uk and internationally?

We are now in Germany in Cologne playing at a contempoarary music festival. We have a gig tonight in the Phillamonic Hall which is an epic building. The summer is filling up all over Europe with gigs ranging from festivals to private events and playing in the streets.
Hang Massive 4

Are you hoping that more people learn this wonderful instrument? And where do you recommend to buy one from? And where did you buy yours? And is there a story to this? Please tell?

Lots of people have lots of stories about the hang and all of the other hand pan makers. Each person will find their own way.

You ask people to donate when downloading your music, has this approach served you well and would you recommend this to other people?

For us this works really well. It is the way things will go – open source. We are happy to pioneer that and for sure it can work for others as well.

Hang Massive 5

Anything you would like to say… feel free

We have many new and exiting projects and collaborations coming in the next year. Keep an eye of the facebook page and join our mailing list in order to be informed of it all. Download the music, share and enjoy.

To find out more about Hang Massive and to hear their music go to


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