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Fiona Love talks to the wonderful Gabrielle du Ploy, from Zebra One Gallery on her latest Exhibition, ‘Identity’ showing at ‘The Old Street Gallery’ today at 6,30pm – 9pm and on the 24th of November onwards  at Zebra One Gallery

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Who are the artists exhibiting? What is being shown?


Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson

collectively known as Metra-Jeanson – cut out heavily stylised facial features from adverts and then taped them over models’ faces. They then photographed their subjects, for witty and dark imagery, emphasizing the difference between edited and real appearance and its impact on body image.




Leigh de Vries

life was dominated by Body Dysmorphic Disorder for 25 years, so she explores her condition through extraordinary videos and artworks which allow the viewer to experience BDD through the lens of the sufferer, breaking stigmas and investigating art’s positive role in mental health.




Meltem Isik

extraordinary, nude portraits feature the subjects holding giant images of various body parts against themselves, as powerful explorations of body image and self-awareness and the bodies ability to see and be seen.



Derrick Santini

took the five, previously unseen Lady Gaga photographs in the show just before she found International stardom in 2009. The images document how Gaga uses fashion, art and performance to express radically different identities.

Gaga 2 ptsml

Scarlet Isherwood

For this exhibition, she uses resin to encase a real lamb’s heart – representing rotting self-esteem – surrounded by real butterflies and glitter – symbolising advertising, glamorising the need to change and transform.


Daniel Martin

creates his portrait collages by deforming and recreating his materials, or in his words: “the mastery of chance and mistakes.”

Daniel Martin Dwayne copy

Bartosz Beda

His portraits and figurative works are explorations of the relationship between identity, daily life and the human psyche.

Bartos Beda Looking and Feeling Good

James Greed

Has put himself in the shoes of BDD-sufferers, using facial expressions to convey the overwhelming feeling of being trapped.

James Greed Untitled Life
Daniela Slater

looks at the workings of the human body and mind and questions perception and connectivity through her art and words.

daniela Slater



You have gone through your own issues through life, has this helped you in anyway doing this exhibition ?

We all go through journeys in life and we all have our stories.  we have a platform at Zebra One, so we believe we need to help others and help spread awareness, with this exhibition it is a visual journey so what better way to spread the message than through art.

When, where is the exhibition on? And how long for?

24th to the 9th dec at Zebra one gallery
1 Perrins court

What other events have you got lined up for 2019 ?

We are looking at taking our current show across the pond which is very exciting, as well us setting up our online prints and multiples store, we will also be doing an exhibition of our fantastic new artists work.

What Christmas present are you giving to yourself?

A beautiful Painting by Hiroshi Sato one of my partners artists.

For more details go to 


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