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 Image by Nic Chapman photographs  

Huddersfield’s  duo, Birds and Beasts have been working hard whilst on Lockdown, spending time in the studio and recording their next Album that is being released some time in 2021. This band leads the way and shows others,  that even in a pandemic you can make use of your time and do what you can to get through. As a married couple, Leo and Anna Brazil accept that they have been lucky and it has been easy to do the online gigs and Live streams for venues,  to help keep music live. Anna has enjoyed Live streaming and then getting into her comfy clothes straight after, whereas Leo has really missed the interaction with the audience and is glad he can play Live again.

There are pros and cons to everything and when faced with changes in your working life,  it is important not to give up, to find solutions. Yes it has and still is hard right now for the events world in all areas, being on pause, for a lot of people has and is difficult (depending on your circumstances) Hope,  is our best friend and we need to keep the light on, let the music play and support one another through this time.

  So what is the future of LIVE performance you ask? Who knows? Now Lockdown has eased slightly, only slightly as the band is based in Huddersfield, ( and it is in Local Lockdown at the moment with restrictions in place.) they have started to do LIVE gigs again. Their first gig was at Pigs in the Woods; a pig sanctuary (and a perfect spot for a small outside music festival), then at the Piece Hall in Halifax last weekend, outside on the Bandstand,  supporting the amazing Stone Foundation at Loafers Presents, both bands managed the audience well, whilst keeping a good social distance. Everyone was happy.

Maybe the likes of  The Parish who have done empty Venue gigs where the band is in the building and it is streamed out onto ‘you tube’, or the other way around at Northern Quarter where the band pre-records their set and only 20 lucky people get to see it in a social distance setting in the venue are the way forward. Birds and Beasts are being live streamed tonight and the tickets are nearly sold out with 3 left at £10 entry,  for a unique experience no one else will see apart from them. Is this the future? I think its definitely a way of keeping music live and all these organisations mentioned, are doing their best to keep bringing you an experience, they are all passionate about music and will find a way, whatever that is to reach you  = The Audience.  

Recently, Birds and Beasts were on the Late Night Sessions show on Calder Valley Radio, Tune in to the podcast here to find out all their gossip and news on their upcoming Album, plus 2 exclusive plays on upcoming singles… here

Upcoming Gigs here to keep you up to date and for more news on the Band go to 

Tonight = Northern Quarter, Huddersfield. 8pm onwards…

Friday 28th of August at the Laurence Batley Theatre Courtyard Cafe bar, Huddersfield at 6pm 

Sunday 30th of August = An afternoon of songwriters at the Sitting Room, Saltburn. HJM Bradshaw, Joe Martin Music, Birds and Beasts, Travis Shaw, Afnan Prince and your host the lovely Elaine Palmer. Starts at 3pm,  Birds and Beasts are on at 5pm. 


Birds and Beasts 11


      Image by Nic Chapman Photography

Final Note… If you haven’t heard of Birds and Beasts yet click on the links above, their music is a fusion of folk, pop, rock electric, writing about their love of animals and people alike.  Even in Covid 19 times this band is certainly going to carry on creating and playing music with a supportive industry that isn’t gonna let music fizzle out… : ) I am proud to know you all. Long let the music play!!! 




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