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September sees the launch of a new exhibition at Artsmill Gallery, Hebden Bridge, ‘Extraordinary is my ordinary’ Is the exciting new show by local Artist Victoria Shone. Victoria has always painted and drawn, however, like many artists, following her Arts Degree Victoria fell into a career which left little room for creativity.  This was the case for 16 years, until 4 years ago when she took the leap into perusing her dream.  Since then Victoria has exhibited her work at various locations in the area and now, she’s excited to be coming to Hebden Bridge. This exhibition celebrates life by seeking the extraordinary in the most ordinary of moments, using a range of materials from acrylic to sharpies to create her bold and colourful work.  Victoria has a unique vibrant style, which sees her work laced with words that you cannot fail to connect with; some causing reflection, others a giggle as the sentiment is often something you would say or definitely like to!
Victoria’s show features at the perfect time coinciding with the Steampunk event taking place today at Artsmill, Hebden Bridge till 30th of September, showcasing her collection of characters having the exuberant other worldliness of the Steampunk style.
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What is your background?
Art has always been part of my world.  For me it is how I understand and process my life and how I communicate most successfully.   However, since graduating from my Fine Arts Degree, like many artists, I fell into a corporate career which left little room for creativity.  Whilst I continued to paint and draw, I felt frustrated and dispirited at the lack of time to pursue my real passion for art.  Four years ago I took the leap and left my career to follow my dream of working as an artist.
When did you first have the idea?
Throughout my life I always return to the same themes within my work.  It is the strength, beauty and uniqueness of the fragmented human spirit, and our relationships with each other and our world that I am driven to explore.  Lately the focus of my work has been specifically centred on finding the extraordinary in what is often deemed ordinary.  The internal conversations we all have, combined with our insecurities and fears can keep us feeling ordinary.  When in reality, anyone can choose to be extraordinary.  I endeavour to document the questions, hopes and fears that are laced within what we think, say and feel within ourselves in the only way I can, which somehow results in a full technicolor celebration.
How would you describe your style?
My style is often described as vibrant, colourful and quirky, likened with a vintage, pop art and sometimes steampunk feel.  However, I’m not entirely certain of where I fit really, as fitting in a box has never really been my style!  I simply make the kind of artwork I enjoy, and I am constantly both amazed and delighted that other people seem to enjoy it too.  
There are around 30 pictures making up this exhibition running until 30th September, launching on Saturday 2nd 12-3pm with the opportunity to meet Victoria and step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

You can see more of Victoria’s work at
Find out more about Artsmill, Hebden Bridge


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