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Eleven Weeks  -  A Portrait of an Artist in Lockdown 

Nic Chapman Photographer

Nic Chapman started to photograph artists in Lockdown after 11 weeks of being in lockdown herself,  in the UK.

Nic says,


Mid March was a really strange and frustrating time for me as a photographer. I had lost all of my work, predominately working as a photographer meant my subjects were out of reach. I was uninspired by the hills I walked in every day, bored of the same streets and creatively lonely. 

I started to photograph ‘eleven weeks’ after a friend planted a seed of an idea in my head. I had seen a lot of artists continuing to create throughout lockdown. I was curious, as this was something I hadn’t managed to do. I also admire these people who are able to continue when I felt limited as a person. 

Photographing all of the artists has been really interesting experience. I get told stories, shown new and old work, listen to other people’s radios, drink tea, drink wine, feel awkward, make other people feel awkward, hear about feelings. But mostly get a peak into their private spaces.”  Nic Chapman Photographer. 

Go to Nic Chapman’s website,  for further details and view the exhibition in lockdown opposite the Golden Lion in Todmorden. Look for the big sign saying Eleven Weeks and you will be able to view the artists in lockdown on a TV Screen.


Birds and Beasts

Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 18.53.29


Nic Ingram – Actor



Frances Earnsaw – Artist and Sculpture



Yasmin Alderson – Painter / Sculpture




Sam McLoughlin – Musician




Jeremy Burgoyne – Painter


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