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Dom Pattinson Easter Art giveaway

Dom Pattinson shot to fame after George Clooney bought his work as a wedding gift for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, he is now an internationally known artist with many collectors, there will be a Dom Pattinson Easter Art Giveaway across London from Good Friday (14 April-15th) in the run-up to his exciting Zebra One Gallery exhibition, April 19th ( private view 18th)

Coat Of Arms

Each piece is worth £3,000 and if you find a pair that makes up the coat of Arms, you can bring them both in and Zebra One Gallery will frame them for you but only if you have a pair…

Dom Pattinson easter art giveaway zebras


Pattinson added: “The pair of Zebras in these artworks are designed to complete a coat of arms, as a banner for all those subjugated for being different. I am passionate about helping people, I have children of my own so to see these poor kids and families from war-torn areas being displaced is shocking to me”.

Dom started what he called the 12 tasks of Hercules back in 2014 ….a series of fundraising events in New York and London that helped many small but important charities deliver aid, food, shelter etc to those in need.


His ‘free art’ campaign has been hugely successful in the past with and has enabled him to be able to speak out to a wider audience about what he believes in and the upcoming interview with the BBC alongside Dave Rowntree (for the IRC) highlighting some of the outright injustices going on in Syria is another example of this, this free easter art giveaway will also be featuring some of his single Zebras from his iconic Stand Out Stand Proud series of works which had the underlying theme of “It’s ok to be who you are”.


International Rescue Committee


International rescue committee logoTo raise money for humanitarian charity the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Dom will give them a percentage of sales from pieces sold at his exhibition at the gallery which will run from the 19th April with a private view on the 18th April.


Zebra One Gallery owner Gabrielle Du Plooy said: “We worked with the IRC and Dom on the Starbootsale and we are thrilled to be working with them again”  


Dom Pattinson Easter Art Giveaway 14th April

Exhibition at Zebra One on the 19th April


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