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I am not waiting for the world to die.
I will be working together with others to support its life here on earth,
Compassion is all we need to change our world, which in turn changes others,
The wheels keep on turning, now and when we are gone.
We are not invincible or without grief or pain,
So when you see someone suffering, hold out a hand and help,
Compassion lends a hand
Compassion has kept you alive
Compassion spreads through all cultures
Because Compassion feeds the souls of many and does not wait to be thanked.

(C) Fiona Love

Our Voices need to be heard.
A people’s Party needs to be formed so Government doesn’t take away people’s right to share their compassion to the world.
We are as ‘one’ in the world.

Image credit of ‘Rose and Rain’ by (C) Michael J Oakes

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