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 It was a friday night; preparations were in place at my house for making a Zombie music promo for the talented band The Tiny Minds, this was the second time I had met Paddy so we had already got the small talk out of the way. We went on to a house party and hung out in the kitchen, along with his lovely girlfriend  Katherine and random strangers from the party and our friends. After a few cans and a few wine’s later,  I could see Paddy was destined for a wonderful career ahead, his enthusiasm and ‘get stuck in attitude’ is what struck me as rare in this time of ego and greed. I wanted to know more so I decided to interview him a few months later and ask him to join us…. Here are the results. Enjoy. :)
Paddy and Mike.
What is your background, where did you study?
I studied film theory at the University of Hull, but my main education in practical film making came from working for 5 years at Highfields school, a secondary school in Derbyshire. Every day I created and edited films, and got paid! Since going freelance I’ve learnt that was a luxury not to be taken for granted.
What inspires you and your style? 
My cinematic hero is Shane Meadows. I love the rawness of his style. With Meadows’ work the story comes first – his cinematography is beautiful but he never tries to over stylise it. At the other end of the scale and someone I equally admire is Edgar Wright. I love how he is very stylised yet equally manages to never detract from the story. They are both masters of different styles. So what I’m saying is I’m a mega hybrid between Shane Meadows and Edgar Wright. Not really. I’ve only been doing this for 6 years and I’m still finding my feet – my style is always evolving. It sounds incredibly cheesy and phoney but I genuinely am inspired by the different people I work with on each new project. Passion and enthusiasm is infectious and I’m lucky that I am always surrounded by passionate and enthusiastic people.
What has been your favourite project to work on? 
Each project has different arguments for being my favourite. Sounds like a cop out but it’s true. I couldn’t even say a project that was my least favourite. As soon as I don’t enjoy a project that will get to the bottom of the pile, but it’s yet to occur. The enjoyment and success of each project relies on the people working on it and again I think I’ve been really lucky with the people I’ve worked with.
Describe your process before filming? 
It differs on each project, but during the planning process I usually cake my pants with fear and dread. After changing my pants it all comes together on the the day of filming.
What is your favourite… before filming, on location or in the edit suite? 
I love the entire process of creating a video but I really love the feedback from an audience. Only if they’ve gone down well though… I’m a big needy baby
If you could film anything what would it be? 

I’m a massive wrestling nerd. I’d love to make a documentary and/or a film about the wrestling industry, focusing on the unsung heroes of the British scene who destroy their bodies in fronts of handfuls of people night after night at Butlins or in village halls. Might be a bit too niche though…?! I’d like to think it will happen one day.

What are your aspirations for the future? 
Along with wrestling, I’m also a massive comedy nerd. I’m very lucky I have a girlfriend. I’d love to work in some capacity within that world. I’m specifically enamoured with stand up comedy. So filming a comedian’s set would be a dream. People probably assume it takes no skill to shoot a stand up as it’s just a person on stage with a mic, but if you see a badly edited and filmed one you can see it does. You can crush jokes and momentum by a wrong cut here and a wrong angle there.
We are lucky enough to have you join our team here at The Factoryline, what do you like about working with different creatives? 

As I said earlier, I have been very fortunate to work with enthusiastic and passionate creative people. Every person I have worked with drives me to improve. I know this will also be the case working with you all at The Factoryline.


Get to know Paddy and his work here  ayupproductions.com We are looking forward to working with his super talent. :)


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