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Meet Paul Chuckle at
Up North Film & Television Festival at  Square Chapel Arts Centre and find out all about his amazing career. ChuckleVision is part of a lot of people’s childhood memories. Meet Paul and join him in a nostalgic look back at his amazing career featured with his brother Barry, who sadly passed away last year.

They created memorable catch phrases ‘To me, To you’ oh dear, oh dear, oh dear oh dear oh dear, “It isn’t!” “It is!” “It isn’t!” “It is!” “Is it?” Plus lots more…. Well known panto star Neil Hurst will be taking you on a nostalgic look back, watching clips from their vast amount of footage made over their careers. This is a celebration of the Chuckle Brothers work. Ask Paul anything you need to know in the Q & A. Do not miss this Sunday 12th of May at 2pm at Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax.

Check out full programme of events here http://https//

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