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‘Graduate Steph Bond and one of our team members is the reason I created The Factoryline. Enthusiasm and creative drive needs to be nurtured, supported and directed. Often after leaving University, there is that lull of.. where do I go now? And as Freelancers or creatives beginning that journey  can be a scary and exciting…. Remember you are not alone!!! There are others who are in the same boat as you or have started on their creative path… we are here to help you here at The Factoryline… ‘ Director of The Factoryline – Fiona Love 

Here is Steph’s Story…..


Where did you train? What is your background? 

I trained at York St John University in Film and Television Production joint with Theatre. I passed in 2010 with a 2.1 degree, and went onto doing a Masters Degree. With this degree, I then went onto working for The Factoryline.

Finishing University, I started to find great networks with fellow York Students and Social Media, and. I did about 12 months unpaid work in different roles in varies low budget films which include Amber and Whoops (Raindance Festival 2014 and touring Vue Cinemas in Spring 2014). Milestone Productions based in York gave me this great insight into creating a film along with White Settlers (Cannes 2014) with Not A Number Productions based in Manchester. I then got asked to work in TV as a freelance Production Runner with paid work (The Game, 2013 – BBC) (Ripper Street 3, UK Crew, 2014 – Amazon Prime)

You have experienced a few different job roles since doing your MA? what have you liked doing the most, and why? 

This is a difficult question, I have been so lucky to experience different job roles these past few years, from Producing at Upstage Centre Youth Theatre in York (2011 – 2012) to Catering (Amber, 2011), to Costume Assistant (Whoops! 2012), to Production Runner (White Settlers, 2013), to Floor Runner (Bill, 2014), along with my role within The Factoryline as coordinator on corporate videos. I have had the chance to experience Film, TV and Corporate.

I love doing them all, they are all necessities to create a film. My strength at the minute seems to be Production Runner on TV dramas and my role within The Factoryline as a Coordinator. My passion however, is Photography – and I have been taking stills for ‘Live At The Barn’ (The Factoryline, 2014) and I have taken stills for ‘The Tiny Minds’ band. I look forward to taking more.

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 12.54.53

The Tiny Minds (c) The Factoryline  – Stephanie Bond

What did you do in your MA? 

Documentary Production at York St John University, Its’ strange how my degree says one thing and my career path has taken me to Freelance Production Running in Drama. I would like to work on Documentaries in the future, and working with The Factoryline can give me great opportunities like this.

 What has been the best advice you have been given so far?

If you work hard enough and are determined, you will get to be where you want to be. Advice from my Mum.

Recently you have been working on a few TV drama’s, what insights have you gained from this? 

I have realized that each department in making film or TV is as important as another to make it the best it can be. From Make up, to sound, to Actors, to Locations, to SFX, to Costume, to Writers, to Caterers, to Security, to Production, to AD’s, to Supporting Artists, to Editors, to Directors…. The list goes on… everyone working together to get the same vision and sound.

Would you encourage people who don’t know which direction they want to go in, to try different roles in the tv and film industry? 

Yes, definitely!!! I knew I wanted to work in media, but I just didn’t really know what my place was – so any opportunity that came my way, I took it and its taken a while but I’m finally starting to understand where I want my career to go.

What are you excited about the most on how your life has changed in the last year? 

I’m excited that all my hard work HAS paid off… literally…. Going from unpaid work in the freelance industry, to paid work  - has been the toughest yet most exciting part of it all, especially living up north. Working in Pubs to get me by whilst working voluntarily in this industry was tough. I joined The Factoryline in its early stages and it has supported, guided and given me the confidence to grow and not be scared to try different things. The Factoryline mentoring scheme has really helped me and now I am getting paid for what I do.. Amazing!  : )

 What are you working on next? 

I have just worked on a short but very hard job, therefore I am focusing my time with The Factoryline, and we have an event coming up on the 19th July 2014 (Summer of Love) based at The Trades in Hebden Bridge. I love working and being a part of The Factoryline and its great knowing I always have support here – it is a place for freelancers and independents. Being mentored has been a crucial part of my creative growth and it has allowed me to try new things… Photography is a big love of mine and I am growing in this area… I have already done a few jobs and this is leading into something…

The Factoryline Mentors

My other projects will be working with The Factoryline as well as other jobs in TV and Film leading up to Christmas.

I recommend The Factoryline Directory and Mentoring Scheme as it is a brilliant support system for growing creatives.

Meet Steph on our Creative Directory here http://thefactoryline.com/directory-home/639/stephanie-bond/



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