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I started mentoring artist Gillian Lee Smith – Mixed media artist back in 2012 and since then it has got better and better. Last year was a perfect example of how when you get the right creative team in place, magic can happen.

Gillian Lee Smith -  Sketchbook 5

Gillian created her long awaited art exhibition ‘We all Cast Shadows’ in 2014 at @HeartGallery in Hebden Bridge. She was inspired by the sea and had been talking about this for a while, the theme about the communities of women who brought up the children, whilst the men were away really struck her and so she decided to depict this in her work. This spark of inspiration came from one of Gillian’s favourite books ‘In the heart of the Sea’ by Nathaniel Philbrick and was the reason why ‘We all Cast Shadows’ was painted.

Harbour Girl

From there, this body of work inspired a book (that Happy4pr helped to produce) called ‘We all Cast Shadows’ available here…/we-all-cast-shadows-… and a selection of songs that has been made into an E.P.
Below is a soundbite of the titled song ‘We all Cast Shadows. The E.P. will be launched on the 15th/5/2015 and at the Hebden Folk Roots Festival.

EP Cover 4 (Baskerville Old Face)

Songwriters, Andrew Weatherhead Liz Dykes and me set about the wonderful and scary task of writing the songs for Gillian’s exhibition. We all chose a painting and wrote songs inspired by the theme of the exhibition. Gillian’s work is very emotive, so it made songwriting easier. Here is my song ‘We all Cast Shadows’ that simply wrote itself…(well not quite.) I had a little cry after writing it and was so honoured to have a beautiful choir, Sarah Parker, Dawn France and John Kavos to sing with me in the studio, plus the talented Andrew and Liz. Thank you to Piper Dawes for arranging the choral parts and producing from Calder Recordings you are amazing!!!

Looking for the lights-1

We are performing all the songs from the E.P. on Friday at 7.30pm at The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge along with Graham Thompson and Jayke Coxfrom Tales of Two Counties for the Hebden Folk Roots 2015 and we hope to see you there for a good old fashioned singalong.

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