The Factoryline started as an idea in 2008 and has grown into something much more… Here at The Factoryline we are a industry supported networking hub for creative artists and innovating companies to help support, grow, develop, create, make and promote who you are and what you do. It is a safe space for creative growth and community & networking, to share and pitch for work.

The Factoryline is a platform for Creative Artists to promote and share their work on a FREE Creative Directory designed for freelancers and creatives that is often used by the industry. To submit your entry click here 

We have events and classes throughout the year and we offer creative mentoring with our experts on particular areas on areas of creative practise. We offer support to our charity run groups including Art exhibitions at Artsmill and Lunchtime Live at Hope Baptist Chapel.

If you are an artist looking to sell your work, we can help and support you on our online shop. Please contact

Founder – Fiona Pattison

The Factoryline Services We are a multi media based company that can help your creative business grow and develop in the way that you want it too. We have a selection of services, from design through to film to promote you in an artistic way. Please take a look at how we can help you on our Services page.


‘Fiona Love’ Pattison – founder of  The Factoryline

editor and content manager 

Fiona is an loyal equity member and has a trained background in performance,  music, pr,  marketing & events,  working with lots of creative and high profiled individuals. People may know her  in association with her work at Northern Theatre, Theatralia, Happy 4 pr, Rock Events, Rock Management. Her aim with The Factoryline is to create a platform were artists can feel safe to create and showcase new work out in to the market place in  friendly environment.  She also works as a creative mentor to guide individuals and companies towards their businesses goals. Fiona has hand picked The Factoryline team and Expert Panel on talent, knowledge, experience and ability to help us all grow together as a community.

The Factoryline will be creating a quarterly magazine so if you have a story, an album or book launch, an event you want to us to talk about please get in touch

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Maya Grimes – assistant 

Maya loves the creatives arts world and this is her dream job to be looking after all of you. She enjoys discovering new talent, so this is her number one job. Maya is also keen on humanitarian projects and will be working with a few of our international clients on various projects.

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Stephanie Bond  - directory co-ordinator

Stephanie has just completed her masters in Film Documentary and has gained lots of experience in the Tv world, Stephanie is passionate about film and really enjoys working on all of our projects. She is  currently travelling the world and telling us all about her experiences.

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Luke Downing – head of film 

Luke is a freelance Filmmaker and Writer with a passion for stories with heart.
His first film, ‘Your Star’, told the story of a young boy coming to terms with the loss of his grandfather, using the night sky as a symbol of hope. ‘Your Star’ was screened at the British Film Institutes ‘Future Film Festival’ as well as other festivals in the UK. The film is now currently being adapted as a children’s book.

Since this, Luke has gone on to work with a wide array of clients from global banks to local theatre companies, shooting and directing creative promotional films. Luke recently directed a prologue to ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ that acted as a trailer for a York based production of Wilde’s classic. He is currently writing his first feature film as well as two new short fictions.

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Luke looks after The Factoryline film team so if you would like to be a part of our growing network here,  please contact

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Brian Crane – webmaster

Brian started HumanITyLLC ( after having worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. He wanted to use his IT skills to find and provide the best technology and services, at an appropriate cost. At the same time his wife, artist Juliette Crane, wanted an ecourse platform that had a single login and was easy for both her and her students to use.  They worked together to design and develop a custom online course platform and website. He received such positive feedback that he knew he needed to offer my services to other artists looking to share their gifts. He’s passionate about making it easier for others to share what they love and build their business.

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head of photography – Craig Shaw

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Craig is our head of photography here at The Factoryline and looks after our other photographers around the globe. We do photo shoots in all weathers for all things, please get in touch.


Michael J Oakes – photographer
Contact Michael
Michael happily takes photographs of everything and everyone, its in his DNA. He is part of our photography team. If you want to join us around the globe please get in touch

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