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Judith Brown’s Wedding Collection


You have recently done a shoot for your bridal collection, what colours and styles will  you be featuring? 

The style of my bridal collections is elegant, pretty and delicate, and I use vintage mother of pearl buttons, antique lace and even lace I have made myself with the traditional technique of tatting in the designs. A subtle range of delicate shades from snow white, through to ivory and vanilla cream feature in the collections. Some designs are hand embroidered with tiny glass beads, embellished with lace like silver wire stitching and finished with freshwater pearl and glass bead drops. Pretty flowers feature in both the vintage and handmade lace designs.

Vintage is a major influence in your work, what else is inspiring you in 2014? 

I often take inspiration from antique dress and textiles, and am working on a collection of designs inspired by Tudor portraits following a research trip to London at the end of last year, so this collection will include semi precious gemstones such as garnets, amazonite,aventurine and pearls, I’m looking into using some some gold in these designs too. Looking further forward I have ideas for next years collections which will bring more colour into my work, so I have been collecting pictures to create a mood board for that, so far there are images of delicate plants and flowers such as spring blossom, delicate seed heads and embroidered fabrics and dresses which reflect the same ideas, colours like vintage peach, duck egg, warm cream, gold sea green and silvery white.

Have you any workshops lined up this year, and where will they be held and what is your theme? 

For the spring I have 3 workshops lined up

March 22nd 2014 ~ Wire Jewellery with haberdashery. Full day workshop at Hope and Elvis, The Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire. www.hopeandelvis.com

March 23rd 2014~ Wire Jewellery with vintage lace. Full day workshop. The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire. www.beetroottree.com

April 26th 2014 – Two half day workshops. One with Vintage haberdashery, one with Vintage Lace. Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop, the Lace Market, Nottingham www.debbiebryan.co.uk

The workshops are all inspired by my collections and there’s a chance to experiment with my techniques and make at least one piece of jewellery.


Recently you have been exploring new techniques and processes…. please tell us about this? 

I have been learning the traditional lace making of tatting, so that I can make my own lace to transform into jewellery. This is a technique which involves creating series of knots to form stitches and these stitches then can be formed into rings, and then abstract or often floral motifs. Traditionally it’s used to make lace doilies or edgings for fabrics, but I am using it to create small motifs that I can use for jewellery and stitch into with my wire stitching technique. I’m also going on a natural dye workshop so that I can dye my own threads for this technique and hope to achieve subtle shades which are not commercially available.

Vintage Blanc and Noir  - are both stunning collections, do you find it difficult to create new styles of jewellery or does it come naturally to you? 

I am generally inspired by exploring a technique and how I can give new life to the unusual materials, vintage hooks and eyes, antique mother of pearl buttons, that I use in these collections. I particularly like making something so plain and functional like the hooks and eyes seem really elegant and feminine in my designs. I look to vintage and antique jewellery to get ideads for shapes and styles of the finished pieces. As long as I give myself the time to get inspired, collect ideas, then I just love making new things!





Holly Booth Photography @hollyphotobooth http://www.hollybooth.com

Fig Tree Road @fizzybunting http://www.figtreeroad.com

Sian Revill @SianRev_MUA (make up and hair)

Heavenly Vintage Brides @heavenlybrides http://www.heavenlyvintagebrides.co.uk

Dunwood Hall @dunwoodhall (venue) http://www.dunwoodhall.co.uk

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