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Kate Lycett has a definitive style that once you have seen one of her paintings, you immediately know her work on seeing it again. Kate moved to our lovely Valley after spending some time in Sheffield and studying in York. Yorkshire, it seems has always been Kate’s inspiration. The changing landscapes, the different light and colour of each region, capture certain elements in her work that defines and makes it unique to that place.

“It wasn’t until I moved to Hebden Bridge that I started to paint landscapes and the change was instant. Before moving here my work was abstract and full of patterns. It was colourful, but rarely figurative. I find the Yorkshire landscape incredibly inspiring. I particularly love the decaying industrial architecture of West Yorkshire.”
Kate Lycett

Kate Lycett’s Next Project will be ‘Lost Houses of West Riding’

To Find out more about Kate go to http://www.katelycett.co.uk

Filmed by Luke Downing & Produced by Fiona Pattison
from The Factoryline http://www.thefactoryline.com

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