It makes me very happy meeting creatives who use their talent for positive change in the world, take a read of our interview here with writer and performer, Kate Radford who tells us about her journey on  ’26.2 Reasons To Change Your Life and other fabulous news in her world. 
What is your background and how did you get started doing what you are doing? 
My background is Theatre and Music, I went to drama school and studied American Theatre Arts, which led me to Chicago where I first discovered the magic of ‘Solo Performance’. Since then it has allowed me to feel that I can write and create work without always waiting for a company or auditioning for anything, its very empowering. I first started playing music when I was going to a community drama group in sower by bridge at 14, I’d go and sing Aretha Franklin and we’d play out scenes together, I knew then really that I wanted to do it forever. It wasn’t easy but its bloody worth it?
How do you define feminism today? 
It’s hard to answer that with the idea of ‘today’ I think, for me the movement is moving and changing quite quickly so its hard to say whether today will be tomorrows feminism too, the media has such a strong aesthetic with it now. I will say that feminism today is more inclusive, there is a massive effort to make sure that one woman fight is all women’s fight, irrelevant of class colour or culture which i think is hugely important, and a hugely important part of my identification with feminism. There is a danger however of feminism becoming a little too pretty. For me our generation of feminism isn’t about what cute shirt Lena Dunham is wearing on GIRLS. Its about preventing child marriages, irradiating domestic violence and supporting women that have been subject to trauma or violence. Feminism now has many pools we can swim in, its our job as feminist to make sure everyone knows whats going on, some people will have more of a fight than others and thats fine, but its about finding your feminist community I think, for me thats been really incremental.
Describe what your upcoming show is about and where we can see it? 
’26.2 Reasons To Change Your Life!’ is a paradoxical cabaret feminist Ted Talk, inspired by my journey of running the 2016 London Marathon. The fitness industry is a dominant part of our lives now, any many of us are struggling to fit in with this idea of the ‘perfect person’ if you ask me its really sic-fi and weird. The show is exploring how to own your own process through something you feel you don’t fit in with, and to also debunk some of the myths about these instagram heroes we are idolising. You can see it on Saturday 4th March, at Hebden Bridge Town Hall between 6-8pm followed by a panel discussion exploring women and representation with Bryony Good, Women and the realities of the Fitness industry with Kate Dakers, and women’s safety on a local and community level with Amanda Elwen. This is all for Womankind Worldwide, and international women’s charity.
Are you going on tour?
Currently not sure, I would like to take it across to some other northern venues, but I’m actually in the process of developing the next show which I will be applying for funding to develop and tour.
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What other projects are you working on?
The next project I’m developing is ‘DROUGHT’ a piece of stream of consciousness writing, using the framework of ‘The Waves’ by Virginia Woolf. It is a piece of completely new writing, exploring PTSD and the female relationship with internalising violence. It is a one woman show, where I am hoping to exploring creating an ensemble using only my own voice and mastering live looping and an electronic soundscape which will support the whole thing. I’m really interested in how we can create an idea or a sense of community on stage but actually with only one performer, I’m really excited to take this into its next stages. I’m also obviously still working on, a website that I founded that is constantly developing and growing to support new writers, I’ve also just found out i’m going to be working with the West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of their outreach, and also touring with Bred In The Bone Theatre, where we will be producing a festival in Paris this year, it’s third year in the making! So you know…not too busy!
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